About me

What is your dream job? That used to be one of the most commonly asked questions in elementary school. I didn’t have a common answer, in fact my answer probably changed every week. At least, it changed until I found out that there are people on this planet who earn their money by exploring and adventuring: how awesome! Now that sounded good: I can be outside in nature and do the things I like such as building huts, cycling and running and still have an income.

Over the years, I realized that being an adventurer was definitely not for everyone. However, I never lost my interest in outdoor sports, which is why I decided to choose for a bachelor in Sports and Movement with a specialization in adventure sports. During this study, I discovered and developed my enthusiasm for writing, which led to the first thoughts of me keeping a blog. I never followed through on this until a couple of years later, in the spring of 2019. At that moment I was about to embark on my biggest adventure so far, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in the west of the United States. I decided to take a leap of faith and start a blog to share my passion and love for long-distance hiking by writing journals from the trail. I wrote blogs in Dutch about my experiences on the PCT as well as blogs with tips and tricks and gear-talk. In 2020, I decided to make my website bilingual to share my passion further.

If you have any questions, remarks or tips, please hit me up. You can leave a comment under every blogpost or you can contact me through the contact form on this website.

Enjoy your read!

Tim “Davy Jones” Stroeks